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This is a personal diary of the way we choose to live our lives. ‘We’ is made up of Tiger (born 2004), Lyon 9(born 2006) and I (Phoenix – mum and self employed accountant).

Many moons ago, we realised school wasn’t our thing and decided to do things our way.

Since then, we’ve tried all sorts of home education types – structured, semi-structured, unstructured, unschooling before finally settling into our current child-led paradise.

So, here we are.

Still doing it our way, following our hearts, our passions, and answering to no one. We live without boundaries but not without principles. We shun school but embrace education. We even have a work-in-progress study timetable that the children designed. We also make use of many traditional resources and attend a hell of a lot of workshops and educational sessions, some of which are mentioned on our general home education site.

If you are aching to see what we look like… Below is my younger son, Lyon. He is the serious but affectionate one, fanatical about online gaming, sound mechanics and physics. He is hell bent on being a physicist.


Below is Tiger, son numero uno, my gentle and funny giant. He is incredibly bright and shy. He sees all but says very little. Tiger is into making things. He loves electronics, art, anthropology, history, the outdoors and nutrition. There is a special place in his gigantic heart for trains and lifts.


And lastly, me – Phoenix. I’m happily single and a self employed accountant. Though passionate about politics, social justice, law, travelling and London, my overriding joy is the limitless time I spend with my boys. I consider myself incredibly lucky.



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